Assembly + Commissioning

Already during the planning of the installation, many points have to be taken into account: interfaces with other process areas, number and length of any necessary interruption to the operation of the existing system, the quality of the available assembly personnel, the optimal use of cranes and scaffolding, as well as local requirements and conditions.

Depending on the customer's requirements, two very different types of assembly can be practiced:

On the one hand, the classic complete installation, in which Künzel provides the entire installation crew and the necessary equipment such as tools, scaffolding, cranes and hoists, as well as auxiliary material.
An alternative is the supervisor installation, where Künzel provides one or more supversiors, while the customer is responsible for the required specialists and assistants as well as the necessary equipment.

Of course, it is also possible to agree on intermediate forms.

In both cases, the safety of the construction site and compliance with all customer and country-specific guidelines regarding occupational safety are the focus of any assembly planning, without allowing compromises in terms of quality and schedule. The assembly is implemented and monitored by our experienced site managers, who are instructed in each project again to ensure a seamless flow of information. At the end of assembly, commissioning takes place, in which all system parts are tested for functionality and adjusted with regard to their performance.

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